Problems encoding divx5 into dvd

ermm, i am a newb so please make things as simple as possible, and i have also read tutorials but could not find solution to by problem

i currently have (the stats):

a DivX 5.0 vid (640x480 pixels with 23.976FPS)
2 audio streams as Ogg Vorbis (108kbps VBR and @ 48 KHz)
and finally an english ogm subtitle stream

All the contents are packed inside a Ogg Media Stream (.ogm) file.

i am trying to encode this whole vid into a DVD (mpeg2) format with AC3 as audio streams , keeping the subtitle stream but burnt onto a CDR media.

the entire file is around 235mb , please tell me whether it is possible to fit the whole thing onto a CDR after encoding , and also how to do the encoding.

Thanks for reading and thanks again in advance :slight_smile:

You said you wanted to convert to dvd but you also said you want to put it on cd. What gives?

well, you see, i dont have a DVD writer :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why you want to convert to dvd if you can’t write a dvd.
You can convert to any format you like but why bother?

like i said, i want to keep the subtitles, and as far as i know , VCD / SVCD dont do subtitles, anyway, even if i drop the subs ,and put the 2 audio streams as L&R on the VCD/SVCD , i will lose the stereo effect , so i need to have it as a DVD format.

hope that answers your question , because i still dont completely understand your question + i suck ass at english :slight_smile:

and thanks for reading :slight_smile:

You say the file is 235mb long, that bit of info is amost irrelavant, we need to know how long the movie is in hr min sec before anyone can say it will be able to fitr to a cdr or not. You can make a miniDVD, thats DVD structured and compliant files but burnt to a CDR rather than DVDR. Only problem is you can only fit about 20min to a CDR and almost NO dvd player will play them. They play on the PC okay though.

oh yeah, duhhhhh, i am so stupid , forgot about vid length…

its length is 23 minutes and 27 seconds.

even if it won’t play on a DVD player, please teach me how to encode it, so at least i can keep a disc image until i get my hands on a DVD writer… as it wont be soon, since i am planning to get the plex716…

I’m not aware of anything that will convert it directly from OGM to DVDR. I’d load it into VirtualDUBMod and extract the audio streams and convert them to WAV. Goldwave can probably do that. Then disable the 2 audio tracks and add the two new WAV files back in. Then set Video to Direct stream copy, then hit Save AVI. This should save it as an AVI with two audio tracks. The file will be somewhat larger than the original as the WAV files will be large.

Then use the Divx to DVDR Tutorial to convert the new AVI to DVDR selecting the 2 audio tracks. If the Subtitles are in *.srt format, then they can be included as well but will be permantly burnt into the image.

:slight_smile: , thanks the method really does work, but unfortnately although i am under XP , all my partitions are on FAT32, so none of them can do files that are 4gb+

so is there no other choice but to reformat one of the partitions to NTFS ??

Re-format one to NTFS, just dont waste you time farting around with FAT32 anymore.

You can convert FAT32 to NTFS without formatting.

hmmm, never knew you could do that…

what about EXT2 / EXT 3 , does that support files that are 4gb+ , and does XP read them ??