Problems during startup

Hi, I just purchased and downloaded the linux version of nero. I’m running 2.6.11 series kernel, and have a plextor SATA dvdrw drive. I am, and have been able to mount and read cd/dvd media in the drive. When I run nero as root, it simply hangs at the splash screen with “searching for devices”. My device is listed in /proc/scsi/scsi (after enabling legacy /proc/scsi interface in the kernel). How do I get nero to detect my device?

OK. I’ve narrowed it down to hardware issues. Sil3114 controller does not currently work on my motherboard. Not sure why at this point, but the nvidia SATA controller works fine after swapping. FYI, I’ll post more results as I find them. Anyone had experience with the 3114 controller?

You need to activate the special SIL driver in the kernel. I have the same chip on my mobo using it for my primary HD. Works like a charm.

Device Drivers —> SCSI device support —> SCSI low-level drivers —> Serial ATA (SATA) support —> Silicon Image SATA support (NEW)