Problems doing cd copy on nero 7

problems doing cd copy on nero 7. I recently installed nero 7 on my 'puter and when I try to do a cd copy, I get a MS visual c++ runtime library buffer overrun detected error. this did not happen with nero 6. All other parts of the program seem to work

Can anyone out there suggest a cure for a non programmer?
Thanks in advance

The Cure is:

Wait first upgrade/update before install Nero 7! All FIRST versions of Nero are full of bugs! Continue to use Nero 6, this is my advice… :iagree: Wait for a 7.0.X.X!!!

Hey guys. I’m having this problem as well. I’m using the lastested update for Nero 7. It even happends when I go to rip audio CDs.

Don’t know if you are using a “GEN_U_INE” version of Nero 7, but I changed the serial Number on my “pirated” copy and had no problems after. Hope it works for you

Not a real smart thing to say in an open forum and also violates the forum rules, m03john. But getting back to version 7, even the latest version still has a lot of problems. Looks like it will be quite a while before they get the bugs worked out in this version.

How would one change keys if they were interested in doing such a task?

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Nero came with my DVD burner so I am assuming I am legally using it. Is it wrong not to use the key that came with it to get around a bug?

[B]for the buffer problems:[/B]
you need to make sure dvd region free or anydvd,or any of these types of softwares are disabled,I tried it on mine and mine works perfectly now.hope this helps some people

This is the only way I’ve found to do this properly;
click start
type in regedit.exe
Right click on info folder…select (New > String Value)
Right click on New String and rename to Serial7
After changing string name, you now must modify the string (Right click and select Modify)
Type in your serial number and click OK
Should be good to go…!

You might want to try checking what your UpperFilters values are set to in your registry.

I had the exact same problem as you with Nero 7. After some investigation and emails to Nero, I had almost given up. But I ran windiff against an exported registry after I ran Nero’s RegistryChecker (in on website).

Windiff showed that the values for UpperFilters and UpperFilters_2 were being changed or deleted during the iTunes install and subsequent Nero “fix”… so I tried setting them all the same by copying the value in UpperFilters_1 to UpperFilters_2.

Now all three REG_MULTI_SZ values are the same, and Nero7 and iTunes are working happily together. I had almost given up but it seems to be okay now.

I have let the guys at Ahead/Nero know. I still havent figured out how to get support for iTunes.