Problems doing a backup on 1942

Hello all and to anyone that can give me some information with my current problem would be appreciated greatly here are my issues

Burners I have

Plextor 40/12/40A firmware 1.02

Lite on 48/12/48 firmware VS08

Apps im using

Clone CD 4.01.10

Clony XXL

I also have downloaded the extra CPP files for clone CD

With both drives I have attempted using clony it detected safe disc 2.51 and it selectons options. I have been unable to get backups made with either drive. Every time I get the typical message cannot find CD please exit and re insert the cd. I have wasted about 12 CD’s trying to make a back up. I have also used the custom profiles with no success. I know both drives are certified by clone that they read EFM correctly. I have seen may posts that indicate people are backing this up with both of my drives that I have. What am I doing wrong? tks…

What is the exact error message you get? Cannot find CD seems to me like there might be something else wrong. Battlefield 1942 should be no problem for your Lite-On drive. Does the original disc play from the drives from which your back-up disc fails?

Just a word of advice.

Before I could get B1942 to work (even with the original disc) I had to update it to the latest patch (which also required a manual edit). This was the problem due to a bug that caused the game to crash/not load when refresh rates were set to above 60Hz.

Once the patch was applied and manual fix applied the original and backup worked fine.

just to let you know, i have created a working backup of battlefield 1942 using my liteon ltr32123s and clone cd 4.01.10, so it should work for you.

by the way clony xxl is what i had until i found out that it has stopped being updated and so any versons of safedisk above 2.51 still show up as 2.51 and the new securom protection shows up as copyable even though it is not! i have now replaced clony with ‘Yet another Protection Scanner version 1r10’ and you will find that b1942 actually uses safedisk 2.60.52 which is still copyable.

also check that you have hide cdr media option enabled in the clone cd tray and before attempting your next copy, invest in a quality cdrw and use this to make copies to, check they work, then erase using clone cd option and copy to cdr. what cdr media are you using?

hope this helps!

For all that responded to my post thanks for all the help I appreciate it. I got it working it was a combination of a couple of things I was using MS certified AGP driver and had problems running the game I updated to a newer driver and my back ups are working still had problems with clone I ended up using "AL 120 and it seams to be working fine. A couple of questions for some reason on Clone CD the Hide Cdr media option is always grayed out I have not figured away around it. And to hornster could you let me know where to download this utility I would really like to chk it out tks again all for your posts and support

Hide CDR Media is greyed out if you’ve set your region settings to the US or Japan. You can read in the CloneCD FAQ how to enable it with a tool. A link to YaPS is also mentioned in the FAQ.