Problems developing with NEC 4550

I’ve an NEC 4550 that I’m using externally with a laptop. It’s connected via USB in a Prolific 3507 housing.

I’ve been using it quite happily for about six months, no problems, great ripping speed - burns a little slower than Pioneer, but no bother.

Lately it’s been developing some odd faults:

  1. Recognising disks. A few times now I have to eject the disks and re-insert them for the drive to realise there’s something on the disk.

  2. It hates DVD+R’s. It refuses to rip a good few of them.

  3. Drive not being recognised by Windows sporadically. If the drive is switched off - like overnight, when I power on, the green light for activity will stay on permanently and Windows won’t recognise the drive - you don’t hear the ‘dah ding’ noise to say USB object connected. I usually have to power it of and on several times to get it to work.

  4. It’s started to produce disks with read-errors. That cannot be re-ripped.

I do use Ritek G05 disks. So I’m at a loss as to what the problem is.

Any help/advise, much appreciated.



Hi, Can this be moved to the NEC burner forums?

Moved to the Nec forum.:wink:

This MID has a very bad reputation. They will degrade after a rather short time.


Try to put the 4550 in a stationary computer
on the Ide bus. If this works, then it could be
your Usb case thats not working as it should.

If you still have problem with the 4550, then its
the burner that have problem.

I think you should do this, so tha you eliminate
the possibility of Usb problems :slight_smile:

mciahel - This is a problem with more than just G05 disks. +R’s and reading all disks is problematic.

Oddball - I agree, this is something I need to do - yet I don’t have a PC!!!

Thanks for your help.

As mentioned, the first problem you should avoid is using such crap media…

Then why am I having problems reading any media? I’ve only developed reading errors in the last two weeks. There’s more to it here than G05 disks. Why are G05 crap now?