Problems deleting adware

I’m getting popups all the time and everytime I run a virus scan with Norton AntiVirus 2005 it’s telling me that I’ve got adware on my computer, but when I try and delete them it deletes 3 of the 4 files, but the file named yiqwkq.exe, which is a Qool.Aid threat, will not delete. So I went and found instructions on how to remove this threat from the Norton Website where I found clear instructions.

It goes on telling me to edit the registry and delete some values, but the values aren’t there to begin with, and when I search for the filename I get no results. However, I booted in safe mode and then searched for the file. I found and deleted it, but when I did another virus scan after rebooting in normal mode it’s back there along with the others that were previously deleted.

My Norton software is up-to-date as are my virus defininitions.

Try Spybot-Search & Destroy 1.4

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Norton is almost a total failure with adware.
Try here:
Daily updates & free.

I recently installed a spywareblaster (freeware), it seems to be able to get rid of any spywares being installed on my computer. I find no spywares with xoftspy and spy sweeper. Please Google it to dl which might help you keep your computer free of spywares. This is a prevention, not after the fact.

Good lucks :clap: :bow:

Download free version of Ewido. Install iit without installing the guard. Update and do a complete system scan.
Let us know to follow up.
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if you’ve got system restore turned on, everytime you delete the file windows restore will just put it back without asking you. So if you have restore on turn it OFF then delete the file, then turn restore back on (if you want) and scan again it should be gone for good then :wink:

Ewido: “Please note that this is an unfinished beta version. Therefore it shouldn’t be used on productive systems as errors could occur.”

This is comforting :confused: Be sure to blow every trace of it away including the active X control when your done :iagree: I hate those second stringer Active X home scanner programs. Some are worse then the things they try to remove.

How do you all rate Ad Aware 6 Pro? I have had this for a while but I stoipped using it because Norton kept finding the program itself as adware, so I uninstalled it.

i’m curious why you’d not want to install the Guard protection ?

you can’t download the free version, as there isn’t one, just time limited

install the full program as it has a ?? day free trial before it reverts back to basic functions, but still a good program

also read this post for some scanners

It may conflict with your antivirus software.
I’ve been using it for over a year and never had problems. It updates daily.
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Spybot works very well, though there are so many of these things out there, it doesn’t hurt to run a few anti spyware programs (there are lots of free ones). I’ve yet to have found a program that will get all of them but if you run a couple of the free ones you can usally get the majority. Running firefox makes a big diffrence too.

i must be lucky then, as when i had the full program i didn’t encounter any problems :slight_smile:

Last time I checked you could download anything :bigsmile:

Wish i could download a stunner just now, could be doing with that just now :wink:

I have installed Ad-Aware 6 Pro, updated it the definitions and ran a scan after turning off System Restore. It found 52 recognised objects and deleted them all. I restarted and then started a scan with Norton AntiVirus. It found the same adware programs (Qool.Aid) as I mentioned before in post 1. It deleted 3 of them but couldn’t delete the one named yiqwkq.exe.

Can someone please point me in the right direction with this. Am I missing something out? I’d rather stick with Ad Aware than switch to something I’m not at all familiar with. But I’ll switch quite happily if it means sorting this out.

restart in safe mode and scan then

Norton won’t open in safe mode.

Norton is a bloated pig that sucks resources and finds most stuff, but misses some of the most important (considering it is major pay software). Thats with viruses. With adware, I wouldn’t use norton. You can only run one anti virus or they will conflict. Spyware/adware programs are diffrent. In many cases, you can run several. Download spybot (it certainly will not get everything but it is one of the best and gets some of the really nasty stuff). Its active scanner/registry protection is good too. I run adaware (the free version) and it gets stuff spybot doesn’t. Truth is, these get to the root programs that cause popups, but using firefox or opera will reduce your risk the most (particularlly firefox cause opera has gotten kind of infected latlly).

It would be nice to know the path of where this file is located too. Also have you installed any warez lately or visited any warez sites that wanted to install stuff?

as slayerking said, turn system restore off; then empty all temp folders, especially iexplorer cache. search msconfig for progs starting with windows and uncheck all you don’t need on startup.