Problems creating HD images on Promise Ultra 100 TX2

When i use the Promise controller with my 2 hard disks connected, 1 on each channel both set as masters, and try to make an image with either Ghost or Drive Image, I always get a sector not found message part way through and unable to continue. When I use them on my motherboard IDE channels no problems. Iv’e tried updating the drivers from promise but still no luck.
I have my DVD rom and my writer on the motherboard IDE channels, if I put the CD roms on the Promise card they won’t appear in XP unless a Hard drive is on the card as well

Does anyone else have the same problem or know of a fix.

Motherboard Asus P4B533
HD IBM 60gb ata 100
HD IBM 40GB ata 100

Having no problems at all here with a Promise 133 TX2 and WD drives.
Have you fully tested the HD’s for bad sectors?
In DriveImage, have you tried turning off the bad sector check?

Thanks for the reply, mine is the ata100 tx2 card I don’t know if this is the problem I don’t have the card installed at the moment and can’t remember if I had the bad sector check turned of but will give that a try.