Problems creating bootable CD


I’m trying to create a bootable CD. To that end, I’ve

  1. installed a 3.5" floppy disk drive in my Dell E310 machine.
  2. used XP Pro to create a MS-DOS startup diskette
  3. Downloaded and installed Nero and the NeroBurningRom_ug_eng.pdf file.
  4. the installed drive is an Optiarc DVD±RW ND-3570A
  5. the media is an unbranded CD-R that came with an eMachines W3400 box for use in creating recovery CDs. They burned fine for that purpose. NOTE: The CD-R I’m using was not previously recorded.

I believe I’m following the instructions correctly. It seems straightforward. But I’m getting the following errors:

Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
Error reading file COMPOSEDFILE
Cache writing failed.
Caching of files failed

I’ve attached the log file.

A CD-R is correct media to use, isn’t it? A CD-R is essentially a CD-ROM except it is not a mass-produced pre-recorded item?

Is there a document that someone can reference that compares and contrasts the various CD formats? I found one for DVDs, but not for CDs.




I found the problem. There was something wrong with the diskette. I could list the content, but it wasn’t bootable itself for some reason.

I was able to create an MS-DOS startup diskette using a different diskette and I could boot from it. Subsequently, I was able to use it to create a bootable CD.



John: when editing out the serial number from your posted Nero log file, I accidentally deleted the whole thing :rolleyes:.

Sorry about that :o; you’ll have to reattach it if needs be…

Thanks for looking out for me. I won’t worry about reposting it. There is no real need. I’m in good shape.

Was the serial number the third line in the file? Just below my name and company (which I deleted myself)?

I wish they’d put a header on that. If it had read S/N or something equivalent, I’d probably have removed it myself. I tried to go through it and delete anything that looked identifiable.


Yes, it starts “IA32” and then there’s load of numbers in groups.

A lot of people get caught like that, hence why we check log attachments. It could obviously make trouble for you if someone decided to spread it round the 'Net.

Hi imkidd57

Quick question:

What does that serial number represent. Windows or Nero?



It’s your Nero serial number.

You can audit your own PC with Belarc Advisor (freeware; from here).