Problems copying with one click dvd copy and dvd43

Everytime I have to copy a dvd made by Sony corp.I can only get the previews and part of the movie.The program does not do this on any other type of movie except Sony.Is there anyone who can tell me why and how to fix the problem ,is this a copyright removal problem ? Helpppppp :wink:

Dvd43 is a good free product. But, as a free product it lags a little behind the newest Sony arcoss protection schemes. Try AnyDVD. It has a 21 day free trial and is updated often to keep abreast of the latest protection. It doesn’t play well with DVD43, so you’ll need to uninstall DVD43 to test it out. Often there are some discount coupon codes available to knock $10 or so off the AnyDVD price. Do a search on the forum and you might find an active one now.

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The short answer is probably yes.
Please give more information for a more enlightenend reply…
What movie. What drive. etc…