Problems copying VHS to DVD on LVW5005A


My handle is Pure silver. I am new to this type of forum and have been trying to get some assistance concerning transferring my old VHS movies to a DVD format.

I have a Lite-on LVW-5005A DVD burner. The serial number that appears on the tv screen when I enter the system function is as follows:

I find that I can burn some VHS to DvD format however I do have more VHS tapes that I am trying to convert to DVD format and each time I get an error indicating that the DVD cannot record the movie.

I have heard information concerning firmware updates. Do I need an update? If so where can I get the update and how do I actually update the Liteon recorder?

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to all new members :slight_smile:

@Puresilver: Maybe it’s better to post a thread in this forum; in this thread it’s rather difficult to get an answer :slight_smile:

Thanks geno888; this post now moved to the LiteOn forum…

@Puresilver: It’s probable that the DVDs you can’t copy are Macrovision-protected. To make a backup you will need some way of overcoming this, either by firmware or a filtered connection cable between VCR and DVD recorder.