Problems copying please help

i’m having problems copying nascar racing 4. i have the lastest clone cd v i tried and it copied but when i tryed to boot the game it started and then the cd just stopped and nothing i use xp and is there any patches or such i may need please help

I made a copy of Nascar 4 about a month ago. Only setting i turned on was FES. Wrote at max speed with close last session on. I have a friend that is having trouble burning stuff and he is using xp also, not sure but might be some compatability issue with xp.

Nascar 4 uses Securerom for copy protection. Setup CloneCD to copy that protection. If you still r having problems goto GameCopyWorld and get a no cd patch and you should be able to play the game.

yeah how do i set that up plus this is for a buddy and i need the cd so he can play online thanks

To set up XP for burning, you must:

Control Panel/Administrative Tool/Services/IMAPI…right click and choose disable.

Have an ASPI file layer. If you have an adaptec product then you can download the file system. Use the ASPI file or Google

Your burner should be compatible with CloneCD & preferably be DAO & subchannel capable

To copy a SecuROM protected disc you choose subchannel data on the read & on the write: close & buffer boxes ticked. Play it from a non-burner or use the Hide CD-R Media option in the Clone Tray Icon (not in US or Japan).