Problems copy'ing Pirates of the Caribean 2

Hi i was gonna copy Pirates of the caribean 2 to my kids so they did’nt ruin the original, so i have tryid dvdfab, dvddecrypter and anydvd to get it on my harddrive that went ok but when i wanna use dvdshrink it goes wrong anyone else have same problem ?

Try ripping to ISO in Decryptor, with AnyDVD running. Then open the ISO in Shrink. If you rip to files with AnyDVD, Shrink will fail to open it unless you copy back in the missing file.


AnyDVD+DVDshrink+DVDdecryptor = no problems at all

With kids, I usually rip and re-author without the menus so they can auto-start upon insertion. I use DVD Shrink to make 'em fit on a single layer disk, which are cheap.

You could try DVDFab Decrypter in both FULL MOVIE and MAIN MOVIE to see if that works.

Alternatively, you could use RipIt4Me with DVD Decrypter to rip the disk and then use DVD Shrink to process it. Here is a bit about that option:

If you have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter installed, all you need to do is download the RipIt4Me Installer from here:

And run the installer. It will create an icon on the desktop. Start that app and follow the wizard, maybe run FIX VTS when prompted, and you can open it up really easy in DVD Shrink if you click the provided link. Here is a pic from their Guide page:

It really works well, and it is free.

There are enough free tools out there that you may get it all working without having to spend a dime.

BTW, Verbatim DVD’s usually give good playback results.

Good luck.

I used this proceedure to rip PC2
AnyDVD using the rip to Hard Drive Option.
Then used DVDShrink, then CloneDVD2 burn.
No problems

As a thought, if you have Nero you could use anydvd,
then Nero recode to compress the PC2 instead of DVDShrink,
then burn with your fav app.

Hope this might help.

Got it to work now, thanks for the help all.

DVD Decrypter used to create an ISO with AnyDVD running in background. DAEMON Tools for mounting the iso then CloneDVD2 to shrink the DVD

Now you can just use RipIt4Me as a front-end for DVD Decrypter, still save as an ISO and burn it if you wish. I usually leave it in VIDEO_TS and then use DVD Shrink and Nero or ImgBurn to burn to DVD Video. Works great.

like BeardedKirklander I had no poblem using RipIt4Me as a front-end for DVD Decrypter then DVD Shrink with Nero to burn.