Problems copying old .cda


I have an old CD (1990s) of my band material that was made using Red Book .cda from a DAT. I do not have original DAT, but have CD-R it was copied onto. This CD will play in all CD/DVD players, but I am trying to rip/copy material so I can have extra copies. I have tried Windows Media Player (and get an error about changing drive from digital to analog) as well as multiple other programs such as CDEX. With CDEX, it appears as if the songs are copied to harddrive (appropriate amount of songs and MB appear), but when played either through any player (windows, IPOD, etc) imported as a wave file into a DAW or burned to disc, the tracks appear to play, but no sound is heard (or actual wave form seen in DAW). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Have you tried with a program like the ones from Nero, Roxio or even some freeware equivalents?
If you CD-rs are not copy protected and you can listen the music recorded to them, you should have no probs.

I suspect you will have to copy the CD by playing it and taking the output signal thru your sound card. Try using Audacity or Spin It Again ( as tho it is a tape or LP. you did say something to the effect that the files may be 'Analog" which was not uncommon in the earlier days of DAT transfers. Once you have the material stored on your HDD things should go fine from there.