Problems copying Neverwinter nights

hello, I’m having some problems backing-up Neverwinter nights disc 3, the play disc.
So, far I’ve gone through about 5 cd-r. At first I just tried to copy it using Alcohol 120, (my only good cd burning software)with no success, I read some forums and it said to use the securom *NEW function. I did that and it made three files a .ccd (clone cd) file, a IMG file, and a .sub file. When I go to burn it to a disc using alcohol 120 it only lets me select the img file, I burn the IMG file using the secrurom *NEW setting, but the burn stops around 50% complete, I tried it 3 times and it always happened.
I’m using Windows XP, and HP DVD Writer 400i, and a DVD-rom.
I’m fine at burning DVD’s, but burning CD games is new to me. The only program i have that’s good for cd burning is alcohol 120, I also have record NOW! but it came with my PC and is limited.
I was reading that having a Virtual drive (Alcohol 120) installed on the pc could mess with playing the burned copy.
The few copy’s that burned 100% complete (not using Securom *NEW) tell me to insert the play disc, when I put my original NWN cd in it boots, but the orginal is getting to be in bad shape, that’s why i would like to know how to make a working back-up.
So, any information, anyone can offer me will be greatly appreiciated. Suggestions on better software to use for backing-up this game and where to get it would also be of great help. Thanks.

I hoe that’s enough information for some help. Here’s some more
my version of Neverwinter Nights is v.1.10.6710, maybe that will help a little

Hi DeathGrind as far as I know "NeverwinterNights disk 3 is protected with SecuRom it’s best to use Clone CD for a working backup ,go to Copy Protection part of CDFreaks forum and you will find a very good tutorial on how to back up SecuRom protected games and links to all the tool you will need :slight_smile: