Problems copying Legend of Zorro DVD

I have trouble burning Legend of Zorro DVD.

I tried using DVD Shrink but it only gave me a message that says something like it can’t recognize or burn the disk.

I used 1ClickDVD-go. But when I played it, it’s not giving a quality burned copy. I tried it for several times burning and it’s still the same.

Has anyone else encountered a problem like this, any suggestions as to what it can be?

I do not want to keep wasting my discs, they are quite pricey after all.

Please post any feedback or suggestions.

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Try to rip first the movie with Ripit4me, and then use dvd shrink on ripped files. This time it should work correctly :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the immediate reply but it still gives the same old problem “DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Invalid filename The system cannot find the specified file.” This has always been my problem please shed some light on this. Thanks and hope to hear from you guys soon.

You have to use a decrypter like AnyDVD or if you use 1Click you can use DVD43free. Or it could be that the disc is scratched or dirty, A bad source disc can always cause problems.


What’s the region of this DVD? Did you use the latest version of RipIt4Me, What mode and option did you use?

DvdShrink should tell you what filename it is missing - what is it? Look in RipIt4Me.log to see if it says anything.