Problems copying HDD to DVD on 5045


To start with I’m afraid I’m very non-technical so please can you keep any responses in easy to understand language !!

I have a Liteon 5045 and can successfully copy recorded programs from BBC1, 2 etc to disk with no problems. I always ensure if I want to copy somethig to disk I record in a format which will allow it to fit.

My problems is…I have subscribed to Film4 so that I can record and then copy the Studio Ghibli films which are currently showing. I have successfully recorded these to the HDD and they are all a size which should copy easily onto a DVD. I have now tried two different brands of DVD -R but every time I have tried to copy three different films to individual discs I get errors, either it gets stuck copying or I get disc errors or I successfully copy but them an unable to finalize the disk due to non specific errors.

My Recorder is on the latest region cracked version of firmware (kindly provided by someone also on this forum).

Finally! my question is this. Am I experiencing copy problems because of MacroVision - (I am not sure if I have disabled this) and I’m not entirely sure what it does. Or am I just being unlucky.

Please could someone advise before I bankrupt myself buying DVD’s.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.


It seems my problems may be more to do with not reading the discs than the MV, I checked another forum and will post there instead.