Problems copying DVD Mad Mission




I have a problem copying the Movie Mad Mission part 1. I tried everything:

  • Latest version of Any DVD
  • Latest version of DVD Decrypter
  • Latest version of Clone DVD (for testing)
  • Latest version of DVD2One
  • I testet both DVD Rom’s (Pioneer A 106, Thosiba M1612), without success

Error shown: CRC Failure. :a

I have sent to Slysoft all the Ifos as requested on 30.08.04, but i have no information until today.

Could someone help me ?? :bow:

Thanks in advance.

Crying Freemen


Sorry, I have seen your IFOs just today. I will look into it.


Looking at the IFO files you have sent me, I don’t see any possible copy protection. Maybe your disc is damaged.
Which file has the CRC error? The main movie is in VTS_01* and doesn’t seem to be protected.



i thought the same so i cleaned the DVD so good as i can but i havent seen something strange on that DVD. It is maybe a quality failure ???

The error occurs in VTS_01.1 aprox. after 5 min after starting the movie.