Problems copying DivX to DVD



Hi, I can’t copy DivX movies to DVDs. I have VSO DivXtoDVD, DVD Decrypter, Img Tool, and Sonic MyDVD.

I thought I had it, converting the files using VSO, then creating an ISO image with ImgTool, then I burned it with DVD Decrypter. However, the DVD won’t play on my PS2 or other standalone player.

It does work on my computer. Thanks a lot.


Did you burn image on DVD - media ?


Have you got a program like Nero that you can burn the files directly to DVD after you transcode with divxtodvd?


The media is DVD+ and no I dont have Nero, only what I mentioned before. I’ve made DVD backups using DVD shrink and DVD Decrypter, and those worked fine on PS2 and other players. The error message on PS2 says: TV system doesn’t match.


It sounds like you are leaving out the audio_ts folder. Some standalones need to see that to recognize the dvd, even though the audio_ts folder has nothing in it.


I’m sure you need to use -dvd’s .


after converting with vsodivx to dvd, use recordnow dx (comes with sonic) to burn the video_ts folder. there is a guide here.

why hes already posted that +Rs work

  1. make sure you’re bitsetting the booktype of those +Rs to -ROM

  2. in DiVXtoDVD, make sure you choose NTSC or PAL depending on what’s pertinent to you…the error “TV system doesn’t match” most likely pertains to PAL versus NTSC…


Success! Thanks a lot for everyone’s help, the problem was the NTSC/PAL setting. I set it to NTSC in DiVXtoDVD and that solved it. Thanks again drpino


np danimal11…glad you got it figured out :slight_smile: