Problems copying Being Julia

Recieve message:
This DVD contains bad sectors. This error is due to a copy protection scheme on the original DVD. 1Click DVD does not remove copy protection.

Using 1ClickDVD Copy
and AnyDVD - (just reinstalled to be sure i had not missed any updates)

1st time for this problem - been using without incident for several months.


I should also say that i’ve also tried disabling all AnyDVD options, then tried but still no luck. :sad:

:slight_smile: I ran into the same problem on my PC. I have some weird brand DVD copy drive, that apparently has problems with the Region code. The reason that I was eventually able to copy Being Julia is that I used a friends PC with a Phillips DVD and it worked!

Your solution is to go to the site specified in the error message for your particular brand of DVD drive. I am going to do the same thing now that I have confirmed the problem by using a different brand DVD drive.

out of town until Monday - will try again then, Thanks!

I was able to backup my copy of Being Julia without a problem or hitch. Not sure if you are using the most up-2-date files out there, but I had no problems myself making my backup.

My Liteon 1633 kept locking up on it but my NEC 2500 did it with no problem.