Problems copying Battlefield 1942

I tryed to burn Battlefield 1942 using Alcohol and Safedisc 2/3 selected and when I placed the disc in the computer stated “Please insert correct disc in drive and press enter”. I also had this problem when burning with Clone CD also. Could it be that my burner is too old, I think it was purchased in 2002 and it is an LG (can’t be sure of model number).

I also have a LG GSA-4163B DVD recorder, would anyone know if that would be more successfull to burn these programs? What is the best solution to this problem?

Thank You


It wasn’t the burner or program, it was my fault. :o I had not selected hide CDR media in the clonecd tray, It looks like the copies work.


[B]Hello my new friends. I have a new DVD 16 Speed Daul/Layer burner. top brand.
I used CloneCD, and Blindwrite to copy battlefield 1942, after copy completed. with no errors, I put the disk in the drive and the game said "please insert the correct disk in the drive and restart.

Please help

With NO errors? There should be a lot of read errors, because that is the way the protection (Safedisc) works. Are you sure you tried to make a copy of the original disk?
If the protection can’t find the errors it will prompt you to insert the correct disk.

I am making a new copy right now as we speak, using CloneCD

Someone said they used the Hide Media section in CloneCd. I have not seem any section about “Hide Media” in clonecd

The new copy from clonecd did not work. please advise!

CloneCD is probably blacklisted by the protection.

I used Games X Copy it worked great for me.