Problems copying at 8 speed



please help as i am so :a :confused: , i have been previously copying my backups at 4 speed with a lite on SOHW-832S writer and samsung SD-616E reader using nero, i have recently started getting problems when i upgraded to ritek 8x disks, (i have a mate who is well into computers but he cant help). the used read buffer drops to 0% then my lite on drive stops copying to let the read buffer go back up to 100% and so on until the disk is copied but i am getting faults on the new disk (also takes about 15+ minutes to copy)
please can anyone help me, thanks


If your copying on the fly from one drive straight to the other drive then you might get problems with higher speed burns because the reader might not be able to provide enough constant data. Have you tried to cache the files onto the hard drive first before it burns? Try this and see if it fixes your problem


it does copy at full speed when i do a copy from lite on to lite on (to hard disk then back to new dvd but as i use this often and it takes twice as long, so im wondering if there is a problem with my reader? :confused:


you could Check if DMA is enabled on both your drives. maybe its set to PIO mode on your reader


sorry to be a bit thick but how would i do that? :confused:


What operating system are you using?


sorry i found it and it is set to dma

ultra dma mode 2


i am using windows xp professional


any other suggestions are greatly appreciated


If copying from DVD -> DVD at 4x works, copying from DVD -> HDD -> DVD also works at 8x but copying from DVD -> DVD at 8x does not then your DVD reader is not able to extract the data from the disc fast enough.

Either slow the burn speed down to 4x, get a faster DVD reader (unlikely) or put up with having to go via the HDD & give up on “on the fly” burning. These are really the only options you have.


i have the same problem. i posted way back here in my case i was able to cure it partially by starting and aborting cd/dvd speed transfer rate test


Found this from another Samsung drive customer… perhaps some of the replies may help with your problem.

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I have the same situation, with my 4X burner I always copied on the fly, but when I went to a 8X I no longer could. After doing the nero actual speed hack I saw why… the reader (an LG) could not keep up anymore.

The odd thing is with an original DVD5 (using AnyDVD) I have no problem copying on the fly at 8X, the reader can keep up, it’s with burned discs that it reads them slowly.

Is this strictly an LG issue? Is there a reader that reads burns as quickly as an original?


Using +R, Copying data at 8X is usually 100% successful. +R media is optimized for data. -R is most compatible with home stereo DVD players.

With movies, stick to -R media and Stay at 4X or slower, regardless of what your burner is rated at. Burning movies at faster that 4X has a high failure rate with most burners. You should go for quality rather than speed.