Problems Copying after DVD FAB is Finished




 I am having trouble backing up DVD's. I have been using DVD FAB and Nero for awhile. I recently updated my version of DVD Fab. It copies everything to my hard drive fine. Then I go to copy it to DVD with Nero. It starts and after awhile I get messages saying it failed to copy. I have had a few errors. The first movie I had a problem with was Stranger then fiction. I had to change it to copy just the main movie. Then Yesterday I tried copying Casino Royale and The holiday. I had the same problem as stranger then fiction; only this time it wouldn't even copy the main movie. Can anyone help me? I was thinking of trying roxio, but don't want to have to buy that. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Bill,

from my knowledge you can also burn your DVD with DVDFab as it uses vso’s burning engine. I moved the thread to DVDFab forum as you’ll get more help here.


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I won’t be much help because I use DVDFab from start to finish, there are others that use Nero and I am sure they will pop in soon.



Hello Bill, are you using DVDFab Decryptor to copy the movie to your HDD ? Or do you have Fab Platinum? Also, you said you updated your version to what ? Is it Beta ? Also, what kind of media are you using ? A lot of different things can cause your problems so we need some more info ok.


Greetings Bill
welcome to the DVDFab forum :slight_smile: Iaasume you are only using DVDFab Decrypter to copy to your HDD and then burning with Nero :confused: how far into the copying process does it get before you get the failure :confused: , have you tried to slow the write speed down sometimes burning to fast can cause the burn to fail, try to burn at a slower write speed also when was the last time you defraged your HDD :confused:


You made the right move Kalas, these guys in this forum are great, they will get Bill sorted.:clap:


Hello All,

To make a playable DVD from those movies listed, which all have the latest Sony Sector protection, you must use DVDFab Platinum’s “Write Data” feature.

This uses the VSO burning engine, and circumvents a problem with the new copy protections - they leave more than 231 files in the directory, and violate the UDF DVD format. This violation causes Nero and Roxio to fail.

If you do not use Write Data of DVD Fab Platinum to solve your problem, you can get over this shortcoming by shrinking your movie in DVD Shrink to ISO format, then use Nero to burn that file. It’s your choice - one step or two.

If AnyDVD and DVDFab Platinum discover how to reduce the final files to less than 231, nobody will have any problems.

PS - the same problem will exist with the powerful RipIt4Me program - movies like Saw 3, Zoom, and Rocky Balboa all leave more than 231 files even after they are cleaned, causing most burn engines to fail and still requiring a burn of ISO files, or use of DVD Platinum’s VSO Burn Engine.

For those of you who have successfully burned these movies with Nero and Roxio, without using the ISO format, you most likely cut material out of the disc, thereby reducing your total files below 231, allowing for all burn programs to create a working disc with a UDF/ISO structure.

Good luck to everyone.



Good advice if the file you’re burning is already ripped. It is also possible to use Customize/No Menus to get around some of these. Dumping the menus on Casino Royale increased the “Quality” number by about 10% as I recall.


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Burning from a folder using Nero never has worked for me with any version. The only way Nero works is if I rip and burn at the same time. Have no idea why it works this way. Keep hoping Fentago will fix it someday.


Hi strachan
You may have a very very long wait because Fengtao has nothing to do with Nero :confused:


No, I was talking about DVDFab not working when using Nero as the burn engine. For some reason, it never works when burning from a folder that has already been ripped, but not burned right away. That would be Fentago’s thing. I get error code 29 every time I try it.


Hello strachan
I know what you was talkin about just giving you a hard time :bigsmile: ,
You know if you want to use the Nero burning rom you can select it in DVDFab’s common settings as the burn engine :cool: