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Although I’ve been a normal “customer” of cd freaks this is the 1st time I use the forum.
I’m having troubles in copying a cd with the laserlock protection. I’m using Nero with Win2k. I can create the image without problems (after selecting ignore read faults) but after burning when I try to install the program the setup.exe opens a command prompt window and doesn’t install. After this the icon of the setup.exe file changes to the default *.exe win icon.
Can any1 help me with this?



Correct me if i’m wrong, but when i copy a disk with has laserlock protection, i copy the cd’s contents Execpt the laserlock dir/File to my harddisk and then I make an Image file of it, without the laserlock dir.
This alway’s works fine for me.


Based on the CD Freaks web site I created a image with the laserlock folder. Do I need a crack to use the cd without the laserlock folder? I even tried to use a hex editor to open and save the laselock files (as the CDF site says) and nothing…
What’s your advice?



If you use ‘Copy Protection Detect’ and CloneCD you will have no problem…


Do you know of a program called Clony, I use Clony v1.07 with clone Cd. Clony will scan your disc for what protection it has, you can then start clone cd with the correct settings. There are other scan engines but I think it’s a case of what works best with your system aslo. Maybe try a few different ones and get ready to make some coasters till you find what works best for you. Clony is only a small program you can download it free from the link at the bottom. Also have a look at this site which was pointed out to me by Cd Freaks, hope this helps


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thanks to all of you who gave me some advice.
I was finally able to burn the cd. Of course I made some mistakes first using a Philips CD-R reader being the worst of them. It took about 2 hours to read the bad sectors on the original cd. After burning the cd I tried reading using my HP 9100+ writer and it was working much faster.

Thanks again for the help.


I also use a HP 9100 and have had very little trouble copying cd’s
Just have to use different software depending on what it is

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Originally posted by cosmicray
Do you know of a program called Clony, I use Clony v1.07 with clone Cd.
The latest version is ClonyXL Final. Download it from


To over come this i would use CloneCd and a CD protection finder like Clony because it is sooo class!
Good Luck