Problems coping

This software is suppost to let one copy a back up DVD perfectly, but when I try to copy my DVD, it will not be a perfect copy. Why is that?

What do you mean “not perfect”?

It will jump around on some of the scenes, or freeze up. I have one where is is long diolog and it just a 30 second when copied when the who thing is like 4 minutes.

I am pretty sure that you use bad quality media or burn too fast.

Hun is exactly right…at least as far as your post; you didn’t provide much in the way of specific info.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong? It is mainly a few of my movies that I have problems with. I am not changing anything, and i just let it run on it own. I have tried to run it on DVD fab and DVD fab express and seem to get the same problem at the same place all the time, i have even tried to use skip Dr to clean up the disc. What more can I say. I am not an expert, and if anything, I am a learning rookie. What do I need to do? I have even written to DVDidle tech support. But have yet to hear from them.

Names of the movies might help because someone may have overcome the problem. This day and time things can be trickery, because they can change protections on same movie at random. What is pressed one day may not be what is pressed another day or for another region. Also most have found that the extras causes most of the problems. I posted about the reason in the For Help Sticky thread.


Just to reiterate Mack’s sound advice, try copying just “main movie” with express. You may want to use an rw disc (save your $) for a while, until you get a handle on this. Also, in the help sticky, there’s a “suggested” starter list of items to consider when posting. Don’t worry about being a “rookie”, just go ahead and post (everyone was a noob at some point); however, by posting more specific info, it helps us to provide a more focused response, plus you’ll likely get more members to respond.

Hope this helps.

“A Bug’s Life” is the movie i am having problems with, it is one disc for both widescreen and full screen version, I try to get the whole thing on one disc as i have it, I have heard that there is different disc 2 for bonus features, but I only have the one disc. I gues for now, i hope that this disc does not get massed up. None of my other disc/Movies given me any problems. The mess up is on the movies, towards the end on full screen and at the beginning 20 minutes, when Flick and Dot is chatting about a stone, seed, shortly afterwards, it will jump around. I am trying the Main Movie on DVDFAB Platinum. it to is not copying, keeps saying remaining time is going up, and not down. I guess A bug life is beyond my novice ability.

Thanks for your support so far. I hope someone can help me.

When a disk contains two versions of a film the size is pretty big so in full disk mode compression is too much. It depends on the actual disk but I sometimes encountered compression errors below around 60 per cent. (even with main movie). If I were you I copied the two versions on separate disks using main movie option.

Still doing the same, messing up at the same spots. I even tried a different Bugs Life to see if it just mine. Again messing up.

How does the movie play from HD?

From the H D it plays fine, and it does not seem to be there as it is when I record the movie. I don’t have any problems with any other of my DVD’s. I wish i could figure out why I am having problems with this DVD’s In widescreen, it will goto where Dot and Flick are talking just after flick is tossed out for his invention, as they chat the pixels will scramble and the movie jumps around. And in full screen it happens when the locus attack the ants.

If it plays fine on the hard disk I would suggest trying a different brand of media from your posts it is a burning issue also try burning at a lower speed this may also help
sometimes you buy a pack of 50 disks and quite a few can be bad

I tried Looking at the HD of a Bugs life, it is messing up there also. If i use DVD shrink 3.2, it gives me this error when I do an analysis of the DVD Data Error: ( Cyclic Redundany Check ) Anyone know what this means?

This can mean a few things a bad pressed copy or copy protection try downloading the latest dvdfabdecryptor and rip the disc to the harddrive and run it your media player this is a free download if it still fails try another disc