Problems copieing sims vacation with newest clonecd(copy of a copy)

ok tryed to burn simsvacation with clone cd, i looked with cloney for what kind of protection it had. cloney said safedisk 2.(remember this game is on a cdr with a crack in one of the dirs, so i guess it was never duplicated 1:1 with clone cd) so i downloaded the newest version of clone cd looked in this forum for the settings, set all things right burned it, everything went right, but when i try to install this game it “freezes” on 95 procent. I’m trying to burn this game with a yamaha 2100 16x10x40( i know it doesn’t support aws, but 1: i don’t need aws for safedisk 2. and 2:its allready a copy wich i need a crack for so no need to copy the protection with it i guess). i was verry frustrated, downloaden the profiles from this page, selected safedisk 2 from the list in clone cd 4.**** burned it with 8 speed, still it hangs on 95 procent( % ) wassup with this, am i doeing something wrong?

i would really apreciate it if someone knows what going on or what i’m doing wrong.

question 2. if i want to copy a disk the old way in clone cd 4.**** what pictogram do i have to click so that i can enter all off the settings myself(if i choose burn cd i can only choose witch protection i want to copy( the profiles i downloaded) not the options itself)


Well it is not alloweded to talk about cracks warez etc. in this site… But generally if you want to burn your game (which is not an original, or 1:1 copy) the most important part is to make a working image! Check your image with Daemon Tools and if everything is ok then burn it… No special settings required.

Your disc is damaged and you won’t be able to copy it.
If it has an extra dir with a crack then CloneCD was never used to burn it.
It is a home built compilation created by copying all files from original cd to a temp disk directory where the ‘crack’ directory was added and then the whole lot burnt to cd.
GOK what burning software was used but it certainly wasn’t CloneCD.