Problems converting from ratdvd to dvd

I am trying to convert some ratdvd files to normal dvd but it won’t work.
I try to create an iso and try to open it with alcohol it says it is not a valid dvd i also tried to burn it using Nero 6 and Ashampoo while it seemed to burn ok there isn’t anuthing on the dvd. i have tried to watch it using powerdvd, windvd, on a mac and a standalone dvd player and nothing happens.
I have also tried to watch the ratdvd file using all the recommended players on the ratdvd website and nothing, the only thing i can do is save the ifo files and vob files to my hard disk and can watch them there but when i try to copy them to a dvd it won’t play.
Can someone help?
If you need any more info please ask.

comp specs:
athlon xp 2800
winxp service pack 2
1gb mem
256mb nvidia vid card