Problems converting DVD to AC3



So I tried using DVD Decryptor to convert the files to AC3 files from a concert DVD. It would only convert to VOB files. I then noticed that the DVD had CSS copy protection on it and that when I followed the checklist on the tutorial that it wouldn’t shift to audio extraction even though I only had the audio 2 track extraction checked.

So I guess my question is whether DVD Decryptor can really convert a CSS protected DVD to AC3 or whether I need to use another program?

For the record, this is my own DVD and I"m not selling it. I just would like the audio tracks from the concert DVD to play on CD or my computer.


In the past I’ve used ImToo DVD Audio ripper and DVD Audio Extract (30 day free unrestricted free trial) for this.


DVD Decrypter works fine for audio ripping


So i have heard, which is why I tried it on the concert DVD. I was looking for specific help, since what I did using the instructions on the tutorial for ripping DVD to AC3 did not work.

To put it more succintly does CSS copy protection affect DVD ripping to AC3 using the DVD Decryptor program?

If so, is there there a program to use to convert the DVD to AC3 or WAV?


I dont know what you think DVDDecrypter will do with CSS?!?
Rip it to hdd, then extract the audio data.


If you read my post thoroughly, then you would have noticed that my question was whether CSS copy protection would prevent ripping the audio tracks out of the DVD using DVD Decryptor.

The tutorial on CDfreaks described a way to rip the audio data out of the DVD using DVD Decryptor. However, in the tutorial, the DVD used did not have CSS copy protection. Since I followed the tutorial steps and did not get anything except for 17 VOB files, I wondered whether there was some block by CSS on ripping audio only.


An alternative, which should solve the problem…


I did. :bigsmile:


Yes, DVD Decrypter removes CSS.
To rip audio (I dont see this as a hard procedure) you do the following:

  • Set IFO Mode
  • Click on the Stream Processing Mode tab
  • Check the audio track you want to extract (make sure you only check the audio track)
  • Set mode to Demux
  • Start operation



In fact, you did not, since you posted a question in response to my query/post.


You have no idea hwat I did and what not.

It’s clear that you had no idea about CSS etc.



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I use imtoo audio ripper
Although it is a shareware, it worth every piece of my money
And its after service is also good


Hi yojimbo!
I had exactly the same frustrating experience as you! A friend asked me if I could put the soundtrack of her music DVD onto CD to play on portable CD player.

I am reasonably experienced with DCD Decrypter, but in ISO mode, so found and followed the guide on here: “DVD Video to Audio CD Guide”. After battling for 2 days and only getting VOB files (no AC3) I found a reference somewhere else which solved the problem.

The guide shows the video stream is unselected and says: “3. Once done, uncheck all boxes except one audio track”. But this doesn’t work as you just get VOB files.

In the Stream Processing tab you also have to have the video stream enabled AS WELL as the audio one that you want to extract. You can leave it in the Direct Stream Copy mode, but as the guide shows, you need to highlight the audio stream and set it to Demux mode.

As per the guide I set File Splitting to Chapter and in a few minutes had all the AC3 files, one for each chapter which also corresponded to one music track on the DVD. Quality was perfect. I did try some other rippers which produced WAV files but found the quality unacceptable (mainly base and percussion distortion). I then used Nero 6 to create a Audio CD compilation. The guide gives comprehensive instructions. However my version needed the AC3 plugin before it would add AC3 files (URL is in guide).

I think this shows how no matter how good the guide, we all see things from slightly different angles. I am in IT support and no matter how much time and trouble I go to with my support guides some users still get it wrong - normally because I assumed something, and/or they assumed something else!

Since this thread has been quiet for a week maybe you found your answer already, but I am posting since I found people with similar problems elsewhere and this might help them. Perhaps the guide author might like to make a small addition to his guide about this?



I actually managed to figure out what was wrong with the Audio stripping process. I had been clicking off all the boxes except for the box checked for audio 2 ch. And the program wouldn’t switch to Audio. But I found out by accident that you have to not only click the box but click on the body of audio 2 ch to get it to switch from video to audio conversion. Otherwise all the other settings were correct. I managed to strip audio from two of my favorit concert videos and burn them on to CD. They sound great!


Thanks for that tip. I played around some more and, as you say, if you only select the audio checkbox then you need to highlight the audio option as well to get AC3 files!

I tried all the combinations and understand that function better now to produce VOB files with either audio or video only, or to demux out the AC3 or M2V video files.


I had the same problem and I’ve been trying for 2 days to fix it. Trying this solution now!


Hmm mine still doesn’t work…is it a problem that the audio steam is in LPCM? Here’s how it looks


re!()4d : Sorry I have no experience with LPCM on DVD’s so I can’t help you there (haven’t yet come across a DVD with it).
Just a point: Have you been able to successfully extract DVD AC3 audio from another DVD that uses those files?