Problems Convert VHS to MPEG with PixelView PlayTV Pro?

I have Problems Convert VHS to MPEG with PixelView PlayTV Pro ???

I have bought a composite (Audio/Video) to S-VHS(S-Video) mini-DIN cable to connect my National VCR to the TV Tuners’ S-VHS port.

I simply can’t get any display or audio.

Is only a cable sufficient or do i have to buy a separate adapter or something???

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Question, with your TV Tuner card software, did you change it’s channel setting to switch it to composite,(or VCR), or a similar setting. You should then see your VCR’s picture.
That is assuming the VCR is connected up with an antenna for it to receive a picture/signal etc.

In regards to sound, does the card have an input line/in for sound? Otherwise you’ll need to use your Soundcard to capture the sound.

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Well, you have to change to S-Video when you use the S-Video cable.

Composite is working fine. Created several videos.

Problem is with S-Video (S-VHS).

VCR is connected fine. No foolish mistakes.:bigsmile:

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@darshanjog. You might want to try

You might find some people who have this card, or at least know a bit more about it.

Thanks for the link. I already knew this site.

Will try to search for other people who own this card.