Problems Connecting Drive with SATA

Hey :slight_smile:

I recently went and got myself a new SATA DVD RW drive. - Litescribe, fairly fancy i hooked it up.

I’ve never used SATA on this PC before and i have spent hours searching and playing with BIOS settings etc. and have had no luck.

my PC Bios nor Windows Vista will detect any the device.

This is the only SATA device for my PC.

I havea a MS-6775 (KT6M-ILS) mobo with a VIA KT8237 chipset.

I went into BIOS and enabled the SATA controller, made no difference. Can’t find it in device manager, went on the VIA site downloaded falcon, made no difference.

Any advice would be MOST welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Forgot to mention: Doesn’t work in SATA port 1 or 2, there is power as the drive will open.

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Consulting mobos manual is the first you’ll have to do. Not sure I link to “right” page for manual but you can check it out, link .
Older VIA and nVidia mobos are not compatible with SATA optical drives by the way.

What type of SATA drive do you have?

hey :slight_smile:

I have my MOBO Manual, which i can put up for download if anybody thinks they can gain anthing from taking a look?

I have looked through it and it talks about SATA and RAID but thats it… Not really managed to get much info from it. What am i looking for?

I have a SAMSUNG SH-S183L

I think you’re the first with VT8237 and Vista to come here for advice, so not much is known about it. Some people have gotten their SATA drives to work with VIA Hyperion Pro drivers in XP. It won’t show under IDE devices in this BIOS, but have you looked whether it’s available under “Boot Sequence”? If not, I’d try another SATA cable.

There’s also a “V-Link Data 2X Support” SATA setting in the manual that [B]pinto2[/B] kindly linked to, which you can toggle on/off to see whether it makes any difference.

I have used a differn’t cable with no luck.

I have toggled this on/off with no luck also :stuck_out_tongue:

I may install XP on a seperate partition later on and see if it will work on there. I still have my old DVD Drive… just gotta find my XP disc :stuck_out_tongue:

If its not being picked up in bios though, i dont see how it will be picked up in Vista or XP?

No its not avaliable from the boot menu :frowning:

What are the chances my Mobo will support SATA only for HD / RAID purposes?

I had sata MB that wouldn’t work with sata devices so got a sata card an all was well
good luck