Problems compressing New Movies

Having troubles with newer DVDs. First I open them up in DVD Shrink and try to back them up as I always have done in the past. However when I try to encode the files I get data errors a failure to read error. I even tried to first rip the m through DVD Decrypter but when it comes time to compress them in DVD Shrink I get the same message. This has happened to me on two new releases that I have tried and the discs are in perfect condition. Is there some new copy protection scheme that I am unaware of? Is there a way around it at all yet?

Yes both dvd shrink and dvd Decrypter have not been updated in a while and will not. Some of the latest movies have protection that they will not remove but without knowing the movie cannot say if the one you are trying to burn has the new protection. Get anydvd and it will work with dvd Decrypter to remove the latest protection.

yea, i had the same problem and when i updated to anydvd 9.1.1 it worked fine.

So the trial on AnyDVD is only 21 days. How much does it cost to buy? Is there any freeware left on the Net that can do the same job?