Problems caused by different labels of sessions

VSO developers and all visitors of CDFreaks.


  • copytodvd
  • copydvdmanager
  • benq 1640 firmware bslb
  • dvd+r 4,7gb verbatim mcc 004
  • three games


  1. creating multi-session (label dvdquest001, iso 9660, joilet, udf), two games are burned with success, project is not saved, closing copytodvd, breaktime.

  2. lunch is over, let’s continue with the same media: starting copytodvd, we’ve an empty project by default, setting dvdgames001 as label (i changed my mind about dvdquest001), burning third game with success, project isn’t saved, closing application…

  3. windows explorer shows dvdquest001 — not dvdgames001 with only two games (from step 1), the same for different file managers (far, total commander).

  4. reboot.

  5. all three games are shown in windows explorer and label is dvdgames001, but some programs like nero cd dvd speed 4.10, ultraiso 7.6.5 are still identifing media as dvdquest001 with two games.


There are a total of 2 tracks on disc, plus the lead-out.
         Disc is a DVD, type is DVD-ROM
         This disc has 1 layers.
Track 1 occupies 1317840 blocks (292 Min, 51 Sec, 15 Frames).
         This track contains data and is UDF format.
Track 2 occupies 221984 blocks (49 Min, 19 Sec, 59 Frames).
         This track contains data and is UDF format.
Lead-out track starts at block 1539824.
Next writable location on disc is 1541872
Data track 1 recorded as part of session 0.
This track was written by VSO Software.
There are 10 accessible files and 7 directories contained in this track.
Data track 2 recorded as part of session 0.
This track was written by VSO Software.
There are 3 accessible files and 9 directories contained in this track.


  1. could you be so kind and implement showing files and folders which are already burned during previous sessions in copytodvd manager (reading this info not from project file, but directly from disc), because for now copytodvd manager is only some kind of iso creator. at least user will be able to see previous label and free space remaining.

  2. later this day i’ve found checkbox ‘keep volume name and description’ in copytodvd preferences and imho it could help me getting out of these problems if it had been set. so please make some kind of warning pop-up window in case there is an attempt to continue burning with different (from first session) label.

  3. there is no tooltips for some checkboxes in copytodvd preferences. no info about them in copytodvd.pdf as well. for example, what is ‘dvd-r sao first’?

  4. dvd disc (noticed above) is not full-filled with data for now, so is it safe to continue burning? what label should i set for third session in this case?

I’m confused and sad,
but thank you after all.

Let me try to answer your questions…

  1. Implementing this would require a lot of time and testing as well. As very few users are using multisession right now, this is not a top priority for us. I hope you can understand that.

  2. It should be the user’s responsibility to set the volume name. If you want to set one different from the previous session you are free to do so.

  3. If that option is checked, CopyToDVD will try to use SAO (Session At Once) mode first. By default it will use Packet Writing.

  4. Whenever possible, you should burn your content in one session to ensure compatibility. IMHO there are only few cases where multisession really makes sense. If you want to be able to access the disc similar to a floppy disc, Mount Rainier is the keyword.