Problems capturing video

i have just installed nero 6 reloaded, but when i go to capture video nero wont find and video device. the device icons on the right hand side of the screen are not highlighted has anyone else had any problems with the captureing of
Tevorvideo with nero 6.

why use nero to cap video?

if you have a capping card, then use virtualdub(on win98,me) or virtualvcr (win2k,xp).

or you can use the latest experimental build of vdub on win2k and xp too. (avery has included dshow support)

hi thanks i am running win xp but cant find virtual vcr. I have tried using windows movie maker but it doesnt convert properly to copy onto a dvd and takes approx 16-20 hours to save from project file to save file. movie maker wil save into a dvd file but a 2 1/2 hour video saves at over 25 giga bytes (about 6dvds). At least movie maker captures the video however.

Trevor what kit do you have? Also what’s your source input?

I’m capturing from a TVcard using Virtual Dub using the HuffyUV codec (so it dosen’t drop any frames) and then re-encoding this with WinAVI to give either a VCD/SVCD/DVD to burn with Nero.

2Hrs of footage for me is around 16GB with the Huffy codec, which re-encoded is much less and fits easily on a DVDR.

BTW I’m using WinXP Pro + SP2, on an old Athlon system with only 256MB Ram.

I can record directly using PVR software and Dr DivX from my TV card in any format including Mpeg4, but prefer using Virtual Dub and the Huffy codec as it gives a better picture in the long run.

Virtual Dub, works very very fast in recording and WinAVI only takes an hour or so to encode.

thanks i have a pixelview playtv procapture card which should work fine with nero. i have tried windows media but it sucked. where do i find the one you mentioned. i bout the nero reloaded particularly to copy and edit videos. At this stage if it doesnt work and nero havent got back to me then it it no better that nero 5.5


Hi TrevorM,

What I’d suggest is check a site called It should help you solve your problems better as there may be several people who have encountered your prob before.

Hope this helps.


I am having a problem with capturing a video using windows movie maker. The captured video is fine up until 45 mins, where the video starts to jump every few seconds. i think it is dropped frames, and i dont know how to fix it. please help. i am capturing from sony camcorder using ati capture board

Then capture up to 40mins and then start with the next file.
Maybe the target file gets too big…