Problems bypassing directx with nero 7, vista

i have vista home premium, i am trying to install nero 7 that is vista ready. well, when i try to install nero, directx 9 install comes up. i was told that vista already has directx 10. what shall i do? install anyhow? when i click cancel, nero won’t install at all. i hope someone can help.

Hi :slight_smile:

Feel free to install it anyway - it wo’t replace directx 10 :slight_smile: I’m running Vista Ultimate and Nero 7.7, no problems at all getting it installed and running… however i have loads of problems getting it to burn DVD’s, it’s still fine for CD’s tough.

For DVD’s i would now reconmmend you to go for “ImgBurn” which is a freeware and works just about PERFECT in Vista :slight_smile:

Kind regards…