Problems burning

Hi everyone, first of all, thanks for watching, and here i go.
I recently bought a new computer, installed windows and everything and the old Sony DVD-RW-DW-Q120A that always worked fine.
couple days later it stoped recognizing BLANK media, played dvds and cds but was unable to recognize empty dvds or cds.

then well, i decided to buy a new one, so i got the Lite-On LH-20A1H but is giving me the same error.

“F:/ is not accessible” and also the new LiteOn.
I’ve tried many options but it still wont let me burn.
have anyone had the same problem? i’ve restaurated windows till the last possible point and is still not working. :frowning:

thanks guys, any help will be appreciated, now i feel really frustrated.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, Try to use WindowS Restore Tools and restore your system to a week or so reboot and then try to see if the problem has been resolved.