Problems Burning



I am running I am having total problems burning to DVDs. This all seemed to crop-up when I loaded this software. The drives, I KNOW, are good. The are capable of burning. Disks are read okay, but when it tries to burn, I get errors (No Media Installed, Etc.). I have tried all of the ideas in previous posts, to no avail. Can anyone help me out with tis? I have NO idea what to do next!


Need more info,what have you tried and how are you trying to burn?


Are you using the VSO burning engine when ready to write in DVDFab? Do you have VLC media player installed? Someone I know had similar problems (errors early in the burning process). Said that the burning problems didnt appear UNTIL he installed VLC many days/unsuccessful burns ago. I thought that was strange, the idea of VLC being the culprit, but sure enough, after an uninstall of VLC and a reboot, the problem was gone. Something to consider.


What is the name of your burner that you are using :confused:
also would like to know what brand of blank media disc’s you are using :confused:
and is the firmware for the burner up-to-date :confused:


I am using…






What is VLC Media Player? :slight_smile:


Hi Again HDFAT,

VLC is free audio/video open source player. It is very good and price is right. I use it to play ISO files, but it plays many other files also. I have not had any conflict problems with DVD FAB and VLC:iagree:


Yup, for my money (no satire intended) it’s the best all-around player out there. I’ve used it and recommended it for quite a while and never heard of this problem… :confused:. Makes me curious as to the specifics of the conflict that savaden mentioned. He’s probably curious too, but not enough to reinstall vlc… :bigsmile:
Oh well, it just goes to show…you never know with this stuff. I swear, sometimes it’s like voodoo… :eek:


Exactly. I swear by VLC (for video playback) and have never had a conflict. My system, and the system of the individual I mentioned, are very different though.

To the original poster: At what speed do you write? Maybe try burning at a slower speed and see what happens. I use Memorex blanks w/ my Lite-On writer, usually burning at no more than 4x.