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I have a Toshiba 5205-S705 laptop with a Matshita UJ-810 DVD/CR-R drive. Just recently i have been experiencing some problems burning DVD’s, originals to be specefic. I have DVD decrypter and DVD shrink which are programs that are suppose to be able to crack CSS keys, however this is not so all the time. There are times when i am trying to burn an original using decrypter when it is unable to crack the code and an I/O error pops up with a whole set of mumbo jumbo i dont understand…can you help!

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I am a noob here, but I would google the error message you are getting.

Do you have problems burning every dvd? or just some? ( I am sorry if this is stated in your post I couldn’t tell.)
I would post the DVD title/s you had problems with.

Just a thought.


You need to be more specific with what error it is reporting. It could be other things besides protection. Make sure you have the latest version of dvddecryptor as more and more movies are showing up with sony arrcoss protection. The newest version can get past it. One of the more common problems is scratched or dirty disks. Unlike your standalone player, it is reading it as data and will give an error if it cannot read it (stand alone players can sometimes read past minor bad spots).


im trying to burn it with dvdfab 5 the lastest version


which version is the latest of the dvd decrypter?


You know this thread is over 3 years old right?


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