Problems burning XBOX 360

Please, you know that those DVD DL are very expensive and I´m having a problem using Clone CD and burning XBOX 360 games downloaded. Until I have lost 7 disks and I don´t wanna lose anymore, can anybody help me to burn those games? I have burned one game and everything was fine but with other games the software is giving me always the same error, unfourtunaly I don´t have the error text right now but please HELP ME!!!

im having a similar problem.

when i got to burn the game with clonecd it stays at 0% the whole time, than 20 mins it, says DISC complete, with errors?

anyone able to help?

use nero or blindwrite or alcohol 120

That might suggest they have protection that clonecd can’t see you might want to have anydvd running to make sure it decrypts the game to allow you to copy them but as you might seen if you search most games dvd aren’t copied by anydvd or clonecd as they are made for movie dvd and music cd. Game cd and dvd will usually require a special chip as in the case of the ps2 to run them. Might be different in Xbox but without the error messages we are only going on general assumptions. If you need more help the errors messages are the best options for the rest of the users to give you more help.