Problems burning with refurb plextor 716A



After reading many reviews I really wanted to purchase a plextor 716A however this is the 2nd one received from Tiger Direct that I can’t get to copy and burn DVD’s. I have a cheap lite-on on the same system that is working fine. I am using the dvd x copy platinum program to shrink the movie but can’t get it to work with the Plextor burner. Any ideas? The burner will play just won’t burn.


Might be a silly question, but does it detect cd’s or DVD’s when you put them in? :slight_smile:


If you’ve already tried other media then i’d maybe do a self-test.


Oh man, is there anything you haven’t done wrong here? 1. Plextors are good but they are overrated/overpriced. 2. Refurbs are a big gamble and rarely save you significant amounts of money. In addition you don’t know what quality standards were used to get it back into working condition and they often use the cheapest parts available to get it in working order again. 3. You are using the horribly outdated DVD X Crappy DVD Burning program. Go with DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter combo. It is freeware and it beats out virtually anything that DVD X Crappy can do.