Problems burning with Nero Recode 2, help!

Okay, I’ve used this plenty of times and have been successful. Now I’m having nothing but problems. I load the DVD folder into Nero Recode from my hard drive and select options, then click next to burn. I always choose slow burn and advanced analysis so that errors are less likely, and it always does the encoding process before burning. Once I get to the burning stage, Nero will reject my disc and pop it out, saying:

Power Calibration error.
Power calibration error.
Could not perform end of Disc-at-once.
Generating DVD High compatibility borders.
Generating DVD borders completed successfully.
Burn process failed at 6x.

Now, it’s strange because this doesn’t always happen. It’s happening frequently, but if I shut down my computer and restart it will usually burn a couple with no problem and then it rejects my discs again. I don’t know what’s going on.

I just bought a new type of media. I was using 8x Fujifilm DVD+/-Rs and I never had a problem with Nero rejecting my discs, and now I bought a different type of media, that is supposed to be better and I’m having problems. I purchased Verbatim 16x DVD+Rs.

I wonder if this may have anything to do with the fact that I have all the discs I’m trying to burn saved to my hard drive so I always load from there, and I can never choose to do an advanced analysis anymore because I think that information is saved to the cache (if that makes sense). Maybe the saved info doesn’t agree with my discs because they’re different from the Fujifilm DVDs.

I just don’t see why it burns a couple times and then stops wanting my discs. And it still recognizes them because I have all of the speeds available to choose when burning.

Burner: Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16
Media: Verbatim 16x DVD+R
Media Code: MCC 004 (000)

Anyhow, if someone can give me some help I’d be really grateful, and if you need more info just ask, I’ll be here.

It is possible that your firmware does not support burning MCC004 discs @ 6x. If you have already analized and compressed the files with Recode why not try loading the Video_TS folder into Nero Express and burning from there.

Here’s what Nero sez:

wobble: will that burn the same result as Nero Recode?

Okay, see, I usually burn at 4x because I want as little chance of error as possible, but lately I read somewhere that the farther the speed you’re burning at is from the max speed of the disc, the more chance of errors. Is that true? Should I be burning at a faster speed? I have tried at both 4x and 6x so far and both have given me the error, but now 100% of the time

Plus now, it seems I’m trying to burn and then I’ll get right to 100% of burning and then it says error again…blah

I don’t want to get another type of media, this is supposed to be quality stuff, and I phoned memorex and they recommended it…

I’m worried it won’t burn the same with express, because I have to select audio and subtitle tracks when I use Recode, can I do that with express?

Okay, so after looking at the Nero 6 error message page, I can only assume that my problem could be the media, but once again, it’s not BAD media, it’s better than the old media, and it was guaranteed by my dvd recorder’s manufacturer. Nothing else has changed with my burning process except for the media, there must be some tweak or solution that will make recode work for me consistently, pleeeeeeeeeasse help.

MC004 is good media, one of the best. If you are saving the Full ripped uncompressed file on your HD and running it through Recode each time you want to burn a copy you are doing it the hard way. You can save the compressed files to your HD after you use Recode to do it’s thing. Then all you have to do is open the file and use Express to burn. This way you can set the burn speed at 8X or 12X which this media seems to burn the best at.
You need to tell us the process you use from start to finish to rip and burn a DVD. Then we can be more help in figuring this out.
Also, if you could post an error log from Nero that would help.