Problems burning with Nero Express 6

I have just installed DVD shrink and Nero Express 6.
After copying a dvd to my harddrive and then trying to burn a copy in Nero, i then get told by Nero that it requires a 9GB disc to proceed. It also says it cannot recognise the disc (4.7 GB DVD) in D drive and ejects it.
Where am I going wrong?

dvd4me…Don;t know much about shrink but nero is shit…BTW how large is the copied (shrinked) dvd image your hard drive. Its not more that 4.7 gb right ?

I use anydvd and clonedvd…Both will allow you to back up any movie.

Hi Seven,
Thanks for your reply.
The total size of the download is 4.2GB so it is not too large for a ‘regular’ DVd disc.
I just can’t get it to burn. When Nero looks at the disc in the burner it asks for a 9 GB disc and I can’t find anywhere to alter the setting.
I am beginning to think that there are problems with Nero and that you are right about a change of burner programme.

One other thought, the p.c. (and DVD rewriter) are from Dell and only two weeks old. Is a 9 GB size disc the new ‘standard’ for writing?

What version of 6 do you have? .18 and older only work with Shrink!

Is your download a zipped .iso file? If so, when unzipped it’s going back to the 9gb. size of the original, which may mean that you have to re-shrink it…just a thought.

If you have the full nero 6 package, then why not try nero recode? Asuming that there is not any copy protection it should work fine. If there is copy protection, use anydvd or dvd fab decryptor first. Fyi if this is an image file, then have nero burn it with a hard drive folder selected as the destination. Then shrink the files in that folder with nero recode, shrink, clone dvd or whatever.
I have to disagree about nero 6 being shit. Show me another program that can do just about anykind of burning there is that is any beter. It works most of the time and does a pretty good job when it works. Sure if the only thing you are going to do is movie backups, then clone dvd is beter, but if you want all around burning software, nero 6 is the best. A lot of the bad rap it gets is because it has had a lot of bugs, which are mostly resolved in the newest versions of 6. Nero 7 is another story. It is just as buggy as nero 6 was when it was new, which is pretty damn buggy.

O.K. everybody, thanks for your input.
This is the full story as best I can tell it.
The Nero kit I am using is OEM Suite Nero Express 6 with Nerovision Express2. (doesn’t mean a lot to me I’m afraid)
The disc I copied to my harddrive had encription and was 96 minutes long (main movie only copied) DVD shrink only took 5 minutes to analize and make ready to burn. The film was stored in a folder called DVD_ST and was 4.2 GB.
The burner is a Samsung 48xCD-RW/DVD combo in a Dell p.c.
When I selected the burner (D:drive) the Nero programme asked for a 9GB disc. and refused to burn.
I only have +RW and +R discs (Is this a problem for this burner? will it only burn to -R discs?)
Thanks for your help so far.

A Samsung COMBO drive is not suitable for burning on DVD media.
What drive is it really?

chef, you are right, it isn’t a samsung it’s a Sonic. I have the invoice in front of me …it says:
Sonic S/W CD/RW combo with Sonic software No media.
48x/32x DVD/CDRW Combo drive - 48x DVD/CDRW Combo Drive.
None of that means anything to me (at the moment)
Does this mean I cannot burn DVd’s?

It sounds like your receipt reads a little diffrent than what you have. so far as I know there is no such thing as a sonic brand drive. There is sonic software, but it sounds like they gave you nero software instead. You need to find out for sure what your drive is. If you have nero installed, look for an icon that says “get system info” or the program nero info tool (they are the same thing). This should tell you for sure what your drive is and what kind of burning it supports. Unfortunatlly, combo drives usally are cd burners/dvd readers and I’m guessing that you will find that it does not support dvd burning, only dvd reading. You can get a good dvd burner for 40-50$ if you want to add to or replace it, depending on what the case of your computer and or avalable internal conections will allow.

hi ripit,
I’ve opened up the properties section on my CD/DVD unit and it does say disc drive by Samsung (SP 0802 N/P) DVD/CD-ROM
It looks like this only writes to CD and reads DVD but doesn’t write them.
The programmes loaded by Dell are Sonic and Roxio, but I haven’t explored these yet.
So I will have to get a usb powered external DVd burner.
Luckily there are two usb ports on the front of the p.c. case so connectivity is simple.
Thanks to all for their help.
I wish I had known a little more about exactly what I was getting with my initial purchase.

as suggested above, it’s very easy to replace your combo drive with the DVD/RW, it would be cheeper this way than buying an external drive or a caddie and internel drive, but i’m not sure if Dell allows personel upgrades within their warranties.

Hi Bj,
Dell don’t allow any interfering with their units until they are out of warranty. just how easy is easy? I have a friend who works on Mercedes cars and he says that is easy. (seen under the bonnet of one !)
Is there anywhere I could see a diagram or two to estimate easy versus my idea of easy.
I don’t mind putting the effort in as long as I don’t mess it up.
I could go to a shop and get it installed maybe?

just have a look first to see if you think you could do it, switch off everything and unplug all the cables, while holding onto a metal part of the case touch a radiator to ground yourself for static and then take off a side panel or case cover and have a look, there could be 4 screws or 2 easy removel clips holding your drive in and 2 cables fitted to the rear of the drive.

here is a review to install another drive

remember to set the jumper to what was on the drive you have just replaced

Thanks again for your help.
I followed the link and found this sentence in the second of 10 sections on how to do it…’’.Your system’s boot drive probably occupies the master position on the primary ATA channel. Your optical drive may act as slave on the same channel or occupy the master position on the secondary ATA channel.’’
This reminds me of a Marx bros film where Groucho is telling Chico that the first part of the second paragraph is really the third part of the first paragraph and shouldn’t be in there etc. and then he rips a great chunk out of the document…you get my drift.
Thank again for your valiant effort.

if your replacing the drive, just use the ide connector that was connected to your old drive, probably secondry channel master, (the HDD will be on primary)look on the old drive to see what the jumper is set at and set it the same way on the new drive.

O.K. Bj you’ve convinced me, it shouldn’t be that difficult if I only remove a cable and put it back on the new unit (when I have one ) and then the set the jumper as per the old drive.
I’ll take advice on a suitable replacement?

will this invalidate your warranty?

well unfortunately yes, so it’s take a chance or find a free-standing unit and don’t think about the expense.
As I said before I didn’t know enough about the hardware before I made the purchase and that is one drawback when buying via the internet. Of course I do now and also the price of the package from Dell was very good value.
So any particular usb driven free-standing (or is it stand-alone?) unit to recommend please?