Problems burning with nero 7

Hello. I just got this dvd burner last weekend,so i’m totally new to this this whole burning proccess. So go easy on me. Here’s my problems:
Problem #1:When I set Nero to burn a movie it takes a long time,like hours. I can see the progress in the preview screen,and the movie is done and has been done for hours,it’s almost like the computer froze right at the very end,and yet the remaining time indicator keeps going up as if it’s still burning. Normally I would think that was the case,but it has happened on a regular basis now.

Problem #2:I can view the movies fine using VLC but when i go to add that file into the VIDEO_TS folder,it’s not recognized, Do I have to convert them to some other format first?? if so,how?

Problem #3:When I burn a movie,a screen comes up and says that the burn failed.

If you need and more info,please just let me know. I would appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks. By the way,I have Nero 7 ultra edition and windows xp in case that helps.

Maybe someone will come along that will answer your questions, but about all I can do is suggest you go through some of the FAQs about how to do such things, and maybe you will see something that will help.

There are also help files on the Nero site for each application.

You may also have a NeroHistory file, which is a log and can be read in Notepad. You might try posting it, and remove your serial number and look for the last couple of entries to post. If you can’t find it, you might need to do just a normal burn to get one written.