Problems Burning with Liteon 1693S



Hello, newbie to the site so be gentle.

First off my system is:
AMD Athlon XP2200
512MB Kingston PC2700 Ram
OS: Windows XP SP2

Got a new DVD Burner today to replace my old Pioneer 108. Got a Liteon 1693S, but having problems burning in nero.

Running updated Firmware KS09, and latest Nero 6 V6.6.0.15 (which i have reinstalled using Nero clean tool) and Ritek 8X DVD-R GO5 White Printables

Problem ive got is everytime it burns when it gets to 99%\100% it never closes the disc and just sits there and i have to manually abort the burn and ruin the disc. Other times it completes the burn and immediatly says:

Burn Failed

Session Fixation Error

Could Not Perform end of Disc-At-Once

Invalid Write State.

What does that mean ?, Is the media just crap or is the burner faulty, or is there something in the settings thats incorrect. Its set to Second IDE Master with noting else running on the IDE cable, its in DMA mode 4, ive checked in nero smart start “get system information” and my system and nero ASPI drivers are ok.

The other thing i have noticed is that everytime i run a burn the leadin times runs between 1-2 minutes before it starts writing to a disc, on my old Pioneer 108, the leadin time was only 30 secs, so its already taking an extra 1.5 mins on the overall burn time before it even starts writing to the disk.

Are 8x Ritek G05 disks any good with this drive or can anyone recommend a certain brand that had a better success rate with this drive.

Any help much appreciated.


The Liteon does not need 1-2 minutes for leadin. Someone else here had Nero clean tool wipe out some essential files but I can’t be sure that is your problem. Given everything else looks OK I would download CloneDVD for the free trial and see if it burns correctly. My guess is something is missing in Nero. G05s are dubious media these days but if they worked on the Pioneer they should work here. Good media for me are 8X TY +R and -R, Verbatim MCC 003, and TDK TTG02.


Well ive wasted 50 8x Ritek GO5 white & silver printables so far.

I’ll get some 8x or 16x TY DVD-R’s tomorrow and see how that goes.

Iam still concerned about the slow lead-in time. It varies from 1 - 2 minutes before it start writing to the disk, do you think this could be from using poor Ritek media ? and what sort of lead-in times are other people getting with the Liteon 1693S using which media ?
My old Pioneer 108, lead-in time was only about 30 seconds.


Hold on, I had this problem when I used an OEM / bundled version of Nero with a drive that it wasn’t bundled with. You might want to try a retail or unlimited version of Nero. If you had a Sony-labeled drive and flashed it to Lite-On, you might want to change that.


The Nero iam using wasnt bundled with any other burner, and the liteon drive i bought wasnt oem either, it cam retail packaged. it did include its own nero disc within the package but iam not using that anyway.

Went back to my computer shop and his given me 4 discs to try:
Tuff Disc 4x DVD-R
Datawrite Yellow 4x DVD-R
Dayadafe 8x White\Black writing DVD+R
Ritek GO5 8x Silver Printable

See what happens now.


Doesnt matter now. Sent the Liteon 1693S back and got a NEC 3540 instead



The latest batches of Ritek media is “iffy” at best and most are reporting very mixed results with the G05’s-

I happened to get a good batch of G05 last October or November and have had decent results and zero coasters thru the first 85 or so discs - however I will not buy them again until there are consistant reports of good Ritek medias - I am sticking with Taiyo Yuden TYG01’s and TYG02’s and Verbatim medias - they may cost a few pennies more per each - but at the end of the burning day - I feel I will be money and sanity ahead of the game-

btw - I have both the LiteOn 1693s and the NEC 3540 in my other burning machine and they both work exceptionally well - except that the LiteOn is a MUCH more accurate disc quality tester than the NEC-