Problems burning with dvd dl with IO MAGIC DW1620-OC1 G729

Hello i havent been able to burn anything with this dvd burner. im using hp dvd+r dl. Im trying to burn backups with img burn and clone cd. img burn gives me a I/O error. stating power calbration is full. I think i have the latest firmware. can someone help me?

Stick with Verbatims.
What is the MID of these media??


I can’t find the media code for these dvd dls. I bought them from walmart and im going to take them back to walmart. Has any body else had problems with these dvd+r dls?

I don’t think HP makes DVD+R DL, maybe you are confuse with DVD+R? Use Nero CD-DVD Speed “Disc Info” to find the MID.

I would suggest trying to flash your drive with firmware B7W9 using BQFlasher.

Trust these are HP dvd+r dl and walmart has these in mass quanity. they should recall these. were can i find the bqflasher with firmware b7w9?

i found the bqflasher and the firmware the MID is CMC MAG D01 000

i just upgraded to the benq firmware b7x9 and clone cd still says writing to benq dvd dd dw1620 failed

Use VERBATIM DUAL LAYER MEDIA instead of cheapo CMC which is crappy. Your problem stems from using CMC DL media. There’s nothing wrong with your 1620 drive.

you guys were right. I went to walmart and bought some verbatim and my backup worked. Thank you guys for all your help. I feel real bad that i wasted 10.00 on those HP dvd+r dl. I wish there was a way i could update the dvd+r dl so i can use it.

at least you only wasted $10 before you got some advice! I answered a thread the other day where a guy used $60 worth of crappy DL media before asking for help. thankfully, he’s now on the right track!

as far as “updating” just keep reading either on this forum or the benq site and pay attention to firmware updates. some updates include better write strategies for certain media codes, but then again these strategies can only do so much. at a certain point poor quality media is just poor quality media and there’s nothing you can do.

Thanks Madam reasonsnotrules for not Referring to me by name !! :slight_smile: I was just about to jump in to refer him to my post, think I’ll do it anyway :

BTW, just to correct you, That IDOT guy that your talking about spent double the amount that you said he spent ( about $120.00 at lease ).

So trugamer79, beleive me when a rookie in training like me tells you, [B]GOOD MEDIA IS WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD !! [/B]

RMAC11 :bigsmile:

Trugamer79, check out Sams Club also, I bought a 3-10 pack for $59.85. I think thats there every day price.

RMAC11 :cool:

thanks for all the info guys. if i would have came here first, i would have never bought those worth hp dvd+r dls. Now only if i can get them to work lol

aww i never said you were an idiot! just stubborn for waiting that long before asking for help (typical male ;))

besides, you were smart enough to come here and ask the right questions to the right people!

ok guys when i try to use the HP dvd+r dl instead of using the verabitum with img burn, this is the message i get:i/o error

device {1:0} benq dvd dd dw1620 b7w9 ata

scistatus 0x02
interpretation check condition

cdb 2a 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 00
interpretation: write (10) - sectors 0-31

sense area 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 12 00 00 00 00 00 3 02 00 00 00 01 02
03 04 05

interpretation: power calibration area is full

Now when i had verabatim dl they would work fine, but im all out of them and all i have left is these stupid hp cmc mag dvd dls. Can someone help with some software to make these work?

I just check with the guy that made img burn and he said that the power calibration error has to do with my firmware. So my other question is do i have the latest firmware?

Can’t you return those CMC DL media back to walmart? I would return them and tell them they were not compatible with the burner.

Already tried to return them to walmart but they wouldnt take them back cause i opened them and i even called hp to see if i could get a refund or exchange, but no luck. My burner can read the hp dvd dls. It just wont burn them. I guess i was hoping maybe there may be another firmware i could try.

That sucks that Walmart wouldn’t take them back. I’ve taken dvd media that wasn’t compatible back to Compusa & Office Depot with no problems. I once took back a cheap $6.50 dvd movie back to Walmart and was told they would not refund me the money. They wanted to give me back the same movie which is their policy. I asked to speak to the store manager then they told me they didn’t have the same movie so they gave me back a $6.50 gift card which was fine with me. :stuck_out_tongue: