Problems burning with 3520A

Hey guys,

I got an NEC 3520A not too long ago and some RiData 16x media to go along with it. I upgraded to the newest NEC firmware and burning seemed to be fine at 16x. It wasn’t until recently that I actually tried out the discs that I was burning and they all seem to have problems being read after a short amount of time. Is there anything I should have changed/should look into to figure out what this problem is coming from?


bad media choice…

try some Fuji - Memorex or Verbatims

Also consider burning at 12X; many 16X media seem to do a better job there. The time saved is almost insignificant.

Yea, I’ll try some new media. I tried these at 12x and was still having the same problems. Is there anything to look for other than the brands you mentions, clsA?

well anything with made in japan on it is a pretty safe bet

I also like Made in India media with my 3520

I got some memorex media (though it says made in taiwan, does this matter?) and tried burning again and was still having problems.

I burned a disc of movies and at 12x it was still damaged in places. It would just be a few seconds of video drop off that I had to fast forward passed and it was fine after that. There were 3 or so places like this per disc.

I tried at 4x last night and it was fine, but I would still like to be able to burn at the higher speeds.

Does anyone know what might be causing the problems Im seeing at higher burn speeds?

Buffer underruns?
Are there other programs using your hd while you’re burning?

Nothing was really running and I wasnt even using the computer during the burn process

I have 2 questions for anybody who can help.
I have a NEC 3520a. Latest firmware (3.05) is installed. I use 2 sets of programs to backup my movies. DVD XCopy Platnum and decrypter/shink. I’m using Ritek 8x +Rs (G03).
I’ve been burning my movies at 8x. The other day I ran a Nero disk quality test on a bunch and discovered that every movie at the 2.2gb mark on the disc (reguardless of legnth of movie), have constant errors until the end of the disc. Errors of 120 and higher.
If I slow down my burns to 6x, the highest error I get is 12. My questions are:

Why won’t the disc have a bitsetting of DVD-ROM (Nero is set to change bitset to DVD-ROM)?
Why must I slow down my burns to 6x to get a quality burn, since I’m using Ritek DVDs?

Any other info needed, ask me.

I never get reliable scans with my 3520…but that aside, are your Ritek discs G03 or R03? I am not familiar with the first but the R03s are notorious for being over-rated as to burn speed. Early NEC firmware limited them to 4X. So I would stay at 6X. I got some that worked well at 8X and the next batch was a dud. I needed to burn at 4X so that might be your problem.

NEC firmware needs to be hacked to get bitsetting:

See here for modified versions.

G03 are my discs. Latest firmware for my burner.