Problems burning Verbatim

Hi guys,
I have a problem burning a Verbatim dvd-r on a NEC 3520 with Nero 7.

The burner gives an error which says: “divice not availeble”. But normally i use Platinum dvd+r and they are working perfectly. The firmware installed now is: ‘Dee’s ND3520 2.U5 firmware’. It was just a try, the previouse firmware was the original 3.05

Do any of you have an idea wath i could have done wrong? I got these dvd’s from a friend, i could give 'm away, but when i have a problem i always want to know what causes it. And therefore i am at the right place…i think, or …

Thanks in advance.

So nobody has any idea?

I think i have a problem burning dvd-r discs. Because at this moment i’m burning a Verbatim dvd+r and it works perfectly.

Maybe this makes the problem not so difficult anymore…suggestions anybody??

Try to reflash the firmware, maybe another version.