Problems burning Verbatim Dual Layer?



Hello all - just wondering if anyone has had issues burning dual layer media with the latest Nero…I’ve tried three with Nero; all burned OK (according to Nero). Only one plays flawlessly, the other two stop seeking and hang in both my DVD drives and my standalone players. Interestingly, Nero doesn’t detect the dual layer media as such - I have to change the media type from CD to DVD+DL even though the blank media is inserted. I have since burned three others without a hitch with DVDecrypter…and will be using this from here on out. Is there a documented bug in Nero? Anyone else seeing these issues?



Probably a layer break problem. It seems so far that the only reliable way of doing a full dvd9 backup copy is to rip with decrypter in iso mode and then burn with decrypter (loading the image from the mds file). With that method decrypter inserts the layer break in the same place as on the original (and, to date, no other proggy seems able to do so).


Thanks philamber, good information! Seems I stumbled onto the only solution quite by accident!