Problems burning VCD

I’m trying to burn a VCD but I’m having trouble. The VCD itself has lots of pixilations and graphical glitches at about the last 15 minutes of the movie. When I used CloneCD 4 to read the image (chose Data CD profile) the speeds would drop down drastically when it got to 80% and it would be very slow until the end. I’ve burned 2 CD’s so far, one at max speed (12x) and the other at 4x, and when I played them in my DVD player it wouldn’t show the last 15 minutes of the movie, it just froze. I’m guessing the image file was screwed up in the first place. There’s no option to change the reading speeds for my drives.
Can anyone tell me the proper settings or another software to use to properly burn this VCD please?

did you create the vcd yourself? how did you do it? vcd’s are fickle - if its going to work for the last 15 mins on your dvd player, you may have to burn at 1x or 2x.

It’s a store bought VCD. Do you think it’s having problems reading the VCD to an image file. During the slowdowns sometimes the reading speed would drop to 0 kb. If the image file is messed up it wouldn’t matter how slow I tried to burn it right? What can I do?

How does the original “store bought” VCD actually play in the DVD player? Does it too fail at the same point?

It doesn’t fail but it has lots of pixelations and graphical glitches at the same point during the last 15 minutes of the movie

Seems to me that you are using bad of incompatible media. Try to do a CD quality test with the Nero CD Speed tool and see of there are many errors (yellow, or even worse, red) on the disc.

Please report afterwards :slight_smile:

Ok here are my results for the CD Quality test. For the burned disc it was:

[13:56:39] Starting CD quality check
[13:59:50] Read error at 50:32.15 (code 031105)
[13:59:50] Test aborted

Then I did the test on the store VCD and I got:

[14:57:10] Initializing
[14:57:15] Starting CD quality check
[15:00:46] Read error at 57:24.30 (code 030281)
[15:00:46] Test aborted

I didn’t get a graph result on the burned disc but on the store disc I got several vertical yellow lines at the 57 mark. The highest line went up to about 73, secondest highest was 36, and then there was a thick yellow bar at 25.
I’m using Imation CD-R’s and a TDK 12/10/32 burner and win98se. I think it maybe is just a badly made VCD. This is a asian movie series, there’s like 28 discs altogether, and some of the other discs I’ve burned from the series had no problems. The trouble is how do I make the ones that do have problems playable. Oh, ya, NONE of these burned discs will play in our more expensive Sony DVP-S360 DVD player but on the cheap KLH player we have it will work. The Sony one plays VCD’s as well.
Any suggestions? Is there an optimum setting to use for CloneCD when making VCD’s? (error correction, etc.)

I found the solution. If I just keep reading the VCD to an image file eventually it will produce a good image. At first when I was reading the file to my hard disk, it would slow down badly, but after 3 wasted discs and constant reading it didn’t slow down anymore. I just have to keep an eye on the program and if it pauses for more than a few seconds or the speed drops down drastically then I know it’s probably a bad read.