Problems Burning TY02 with my 3500AG

Maybe somebody could give me some insight - I have a Dell Optiplex system - 845G chipset - 1GB DDR - I flashed my 3500 with the latest firmware from Liggy’s post. I’m trying to burn on the fly from Alcohol 120% - from my Liteon Combo SOHC-5232K to my 3500AG with the Taiyo Media 8X +R (T02) purchased from RIMA. I checked the media with DVD Indentifier - it lists the media as T02 With recording speeds - 1X, 2.4X,4X, 6X-8X When burning it recognized the Media to burn at 16X - but the max speed attained is only 4X. What gives - I made sure Ultra DMA is enabled in the BIOS (I have the latest BIOS installed) and in device manager which it is. I know burning on the fly is not constant - but I should at least have speeds on this media somewhere between 8X - 12X. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Try other discs (non-TYs) if you have some. If also bad, then maybe it’s not a media issue. If it’s good, then maybe TYs aren’t good.

I would not recommend using a beta firmware. Why not use the official 2.18, or a modified one (with bitsetting and riplock + region code removed) if you really need it.
TY T02 are one of the best media you can get for a 3500AG and should burn well at 12-16x.

On the fly will not burn at max speed. I would suggest doing source drive to source drive and trhen you will be able to also utilize buring at 16x.

It is not the media. It is simply on the fly burning that is your problem. :iagree: