Problems burning to cd/rw - always unreadalbe or audio?


Bought a Plextor 24/10/40a a month back but only just got round to using it (I know, but my old system was too old). I upgraded the firmware from 1.02 to 1.03 (it is TLA 0202).

I have had no end of problems trying to burn an S-VCD image to cd/rw. Nero, CDRDAO or a new SVCD compile made using VCDEasy all seem to burn o.k but the resultant disc is either unreadable or just shows as an audio disc with a few very small audio tracks (a few k each).

In frustration, I decided to burn just the main mpeg track to the cd/rw (650 MB file, 80min Princo cd/rw showing 703MB free - it had been erased) as a normal data cd. The burn went o.k with no reported errors - however, the burnt disc still shows as an audio cd with a few tracks!!!

I am now going to try normal files on other media (the cd/rw that came with the drive). Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong - this is driving me mad. I thought princo cd/rw’s would work, but not always turn out as some kind of unreadable audio disc.


Many thanks.


It turns out the problem was with the Princo 4x-10x cd/rw’s that I bought (or the plextor not liking them)? - the drive + burning software says it erases and burns just fine but the disc is unreadable afterwards.

As the svcd was 800MB’s, I extracted the 600MB main file and burnt that (as a test) onto the supplied 650MB cd/rw - worked fine first time!

Can anyone confirm if the Plextor 24/10/40a works for them with Princo media, or better yet, Princo 4x-10x cd/rw media.

Many thanks.


Well, the only replies are from me, so here’s a follow-up.

My drive writes fine with TDK, Kodak cdr’s, and it does write to the Princo at x4 - no luck whatsoever at x10.

It is branded and rated x10. CDRIndetifier shows only x4x8 for the Princo and Plextor x10, so little to be gained there.

Maybe the Princo cdrw’s just aren’t as good as what the manufacturer claims (x10), maybe the drive has a problem, I don’t know. I will have access to a 16/10/40 next week.

Well, bit sorry I bought the Plaxtor 24/10/40a now.

Took the batch of Princo x4x10 cdrw’s to work where we have a faithful 16/10/40. This wrote to the cdrw’s at x10 speed on-the-fly with no problem at all. Got a reply from Plextor support saying my drive is probably ok, it’s the media.

Phoned Tech-support (london) and was told as they do not officially support Princo media (firmware 1.03) they cannot fault the drive and it would probably not be excepted for rma warranty return!!!

What - a bells ‘n’ whistles new plextor that cannot write at x10 to media an older plextor drive tackles with ease. The support lady was not concenred about this - hmmm, not good at all.

I am not happy, if I wanted to write to media that is widely used (and has passed the calibration phase) then I should have bought a no-brand £60 drive - that would probably write to any good media whereas the Plextor (241040) does not.

Stick with Lite-On folks - from reviews that would probably be a better all-round choice.