Problem's burning songs onto cd plz help

Hey, I have some song’s my friend gave to me and would like to burn them to a cd. I have like 4 or 5 different cd burning programs so I tried burning an mp3 disc or wma disc in each burner but nothing seems to be working. like for example, in Nero I can burn ISO files but when I burn the CD it says sucessully that the burning process is completed, but When I put it in my car it just says track 1 and just go 1sec, 2sec, and so on with no music and there is no tracks besides track 1. What do I do?? I am so confused and I have very little blank cd’s so I dnt want to waste them. If anybody can help i’ll appreciate it. Thanks!

Is the player in your car actually capableof playing mp3 or wma audio?

Is it a factory stereo or an aftermarket?

(Make, model, ect would help us figuire it out for you)


the radio is wma and other disc’s do work. and the stereo is not aftermarket. something has to be done in the comp.'s part because none of the cd’s i’v made are working in a dvd player, radio or nothing

this may or may not work, look up the songs in your computer and go to properties find out what the songs format is like mp3 mp4 wma, you may have to convert them before you burn them.